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28 mai 2010


4 commentaires:

  1. Bien que j'ai testé! :) ta technique dépote grave!

  2. Nice paintings, and great showreel! The bits I loved the bits where you saw the paintings happen! Good music too:)

  3. Aero, si t'aimes bien cette technique, jette un coup d'œil au book dont je t'ai parlé
    "The Skillful Huntsman" (si c'est pas déjà fait).
    J'en fais la pub ici d'ailleurs.

    Adam Temple > Hello & Thank you

  4. Hey Kaïro,
    Beautiful work all around. A nice sense of grittiness and texture combined with great compositions, especially some of the recent posts. I'm really lovin' the post entitled 'Hero', as I'm a big fan of The Incredibles. Oh, and I like the music app you have, nice selection of tunes! Keep it up.