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2 oct. 2010


6 commentaires:

  1. Some beautiful atmospheric perspective here! I always love images that have a sense of wonder and adventure, and this certainly has it. You've been putting that Intuos4 to good use.

  2. Mike: Hehe thank you one more time.
    However I corrected some parts on the foreground because the second rock was really too soft.

    Cépha: Merci, j'essaie de me remettre au travaille, je suis un peu rouillé.

  3. C'est la pluie de la ville de l'Enfer qui te fait rouiller Joe...
    Mais t'as de beaux restes, va :)

  4. Hi Kaïro!!I'm really glad you liked my work, It's an honour:)

  5. This is really beautiful! The atmosphere makes you want to explore. Keep up the good work and thanks for the support!