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2 juin 2016

Brainstorm Challenge: Dark Souls III

The Disemboweled Family:
"Lord Gwyn is not the only one who tried to merge with the fire. The IIIrd Lord of Cinder, also named as The Gluttony, tried to swallow the flame. In vain, his failure turned in disaster and the kingdom disappeared in the greediness.
Born of the blood of the IIIrd Lord of Cinder, The Disemboweled Family is paying for the greed of their deceased father. The members of this cursed family are condemned to feel the pain of their entrails burned for all eternity."

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  1. Dark Souls III is indeed a game of both valleys and peaks, up over castle walls and down through dungeons. It is a plummet into many places I should not be – Yes, an escape from places I don't belong.